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Smart Sewing Enthusiast, Crafters, Cooking Fanatics, Moms and Dads trust and rely on LifeAndKitchens comprehensive buying guide to make the right decisions. Not only can you buy the perfect products, you get recommendations on the latest product at the market!  

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Who is Behind LifeAndKitchen?

About Me

Hello. My friends call me Jonny. I have an Engineering Background in systems electronics and have worked as a quality research enginner for a very popoular home applience manufacturing company in Germany. 

Perfectionist to a fault but you can benefit from my level of details in helping you select the best product. 

Should you trust me? Well, start by getting to know me.

How Its Done?

3 Steps

- 01


Several hours of research about a particuly products, brands just to extract neccessary and important information. 

- 02

Consult Users

Consult the industry professionals or check up on real users of the products. In addition online users reviews are read and scutinized.

- 03


If possible products are indepently ordered, unboxed, and tested to validate the features,  quality and functions. 

LifeAndKitchen Focus Areas


LK specialty is in  Sewing, Crafting, Kitchen and Home Appliances. We also cover sometimes gardening equipment, and DIY tools used for Home repairs.

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LK Numbers Speak's Volume

LifeAndKitchen make sure you get it right the first time!

Products Tested
Reviews Read
User's Consulted
Items Researched

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